Solutions for mid-size provider hospitals, clinics and systems

We position your organization to thrive under value-based healthcare delivery. Learn to eliminate waste and inefficiency, maximize staff capabilities and leverage your technology in a manner that’s tailored to your organization’s reality.

Our Services

Patient Experience Consulting

• Accelerate patient experience performance

• Develop a road map for success

• Develop a customized service culture training

• Create Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC)

• Find a patient experience vendor partner

• Provider and care team shadow coaching

Healthcare Data Warehousing

• Customized Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

• Business Intelligence tool selection and development

• Mentor staff to increase EDW proficiency

• Assess, evaluate and trim EMR report catalog

• Develop actionable predictive analytics

Service Culture Training

• Instill an organization-wide service culture that is customized to the organization

• Develop service standards that resonate with staff and physicians as well as patients and families

• Create customized training from patient, family, and employee input

• Provide a train-the-trainer model to allow for internal sustainability




Shadow Coaching

• Help providers and care team members enhance their communication skills with patients

• Provide a one-to-one shadow coaching program that is positive, discreet and does not interfere with patient care

• Provide a customized plan for each participant for how to improve their communication with patients based on their own personal strengths and opportunities

Healthcare Data Governance

• Assess current data governance maturity

• Create a standard metric repository and process

• Develop a customized roadmap

• DTA has developed a metadata tool to help organizations track reports, dashboards, metrics, etc.

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