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DTA: Defy the Asymptote

DTA stands for “Defy the Asymptote.” An asymptote is a math term for an imaginary line (or limit) that an equation approaches but never touches. In the graph (left side of the graph), no matter how big X gets, Y will get closer and closer to the asymptote but will never reach it. We use this concept as a tongue-in-cheek way to describe healthcare challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

Your asymptote may be patient satisfaction scores that have plateaued. Or the projects that go on forever, never attain the intended results, and frustrate your team. Whatever it is, the only way to overcome an asymptote is to defy it (right side of the graph), like you defy gravity. That’s what DTA Associates is here to help you do.

What asymptote do you need to defy? We can help.

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