DTA Associates patient experience experts provide fast, friendly, innovative healthcare consulting. Every step of our approach is designed to guide healthcare organizations down the most efficient path to their patient-centered improvement goals. If you’re experiencing stagnation in outcomes improvement, frustrating problems that impact morale, or if you aren’t making the best use of your healthcare data to improve outcomes improvement, we can help.
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DTA: Defy the Asymptote

DTA stands for “Defy the Asymptote.” An asymptote is a math term for an imaginary line (or limit) that an equation approaches but never touches. In the graph, no matter how big X gets, Y will get closer and closer to the asymptote but never reach it. If you are faced with a sticky spot in healthcare outcomes improvement, you understand what we mean. Your asymptote may be patient satisfaction scores that have plateaued, projects that go on forever without concrete results, a lack of meaningful service culture training, or any challenge where progress continually reveals itself as an illusion – and problems stubbornly remain.

The patient experience experts at DTA use the asymptote concept as a tongue-in-cheek explanation of what we do, but our methods are serious innovation. Defying an asymptote requires a fresh approach, a unique perspective, and unexpected angles, tools, and methods. If solving your outcomes challenge was going to be obvious or easy, someone else would have done it. People turn to the patient experience experts at DTA Associates when they need bold new ideas, and we deliver.

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