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31 Oct

Provider and Patient Email Communication

  • Posted by Pamela Hessler
  • Communication, Email, Patient Experience
“You should come in for an exam. TN”If this communication doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. This is a real and “complete” email that my husband received from his primary care physician earlier this year (just a note, her initials are TN and that is how she signed the email). We were both left scratching our heads trying to decipher the meat and potatoes of the note— “Does this mean my concern is a bigger deal than we realized? Is this a standard reply? What about all of the questions that I asked in my original email?”It really struck a chord with me about electronic communication between patients and providers. Read on…
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17 Oct

Getting to know the DTA Team: Pamela Hessler

  • Posted by Janiece Gray
You know those people who you talk to for the first time, and it feels like you’ve known them for a long time? Well, that’s what it was like for me when I first picked up the phone and talked to Pamela Hessler. She was interested in a position with DTA and one of her first questions to me was, “Do I need to relocate to Minnesota?” As I recall, it was a frigid February morning and my answer was something like, “No, why would you ever want to do that?!” It turns out that even though they live in Baltimore, Maryland, Pamela’s husband is an avid Vikings fan, so he was very intrigued by the possibility! Now that Pamela has joined our team, we thought it would be fun to give you a chance to get to know her… Read more...
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03 Oct

Best Discharge Instructions Ever… When Things Do Go Right

  • Posted by Janiece Gray
This past year we’ve been on a bit of an adventure with our eldest who’s been dealing with some ankle issues. It was at one of our last doctor appointments, with some pretty disappointing  news to a teenage girl who loves to run, that we had one of our best patient experiences in recent memory.   In the past few blogs, we’ve been talking about service recovery and when things don’t go right. This experience, which was not an ending that I would have predicted, made me shift gears to share a story of when things do go right! Read more...
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