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28 Nov

When Improving Patient Experience is Free

  • Posted by Pamela Hessler
  • Patient Experience
Sometimes, improving the patient experience is free. And you have time to do it. There, I said it. Someone had to…At my doctor's appointments, I do my best to take off my “patient experience hat” and absorb the appointments like a patient, not an observer. However, during a series of my early appointments, I noticed something glaring and realized the impact it was having on my personal patient experience. Read more...
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14 Nov

DTA Coaching Community – Interview with Patty Drinkwine-Holmes

  • Posted by Janiece Gray
On the first Monday of every month, DTA convenes a community of Care Team Coaches from across the country. The purpose of these calls is for coaches who use DTA’s Coaching Reporting Tool to share notes and learn from one another on their coaching journeys. On our most recent call, we were able to feature an interview with Patty Drinkwine-Holmes. Patty is the Emergency Department Patient Liaison/ED Patient Experience Coach at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN.Here’s a look at what Patty had to share with the group. Read on…
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