Coaching Reporting Tool

This care team coaching app allows coaches to easily create meaningful follow up reports for those coached. The key care practices and why they are important are customized for each organization based on their current service structure and approach.


Our app simplifies the process of reporting back to people who have been coached, allowing your coaches to spend more time coaching!

Product Details

  • Runs on a variety of smartphones, tablets and netbooks (Android Smartphones and Tablets (v3.2 and higher) and iPhone/iPad/iTouch (v6.0 and higher)).
  • Also runs on Windows Desktop Devices including Windows Tablets (XP or higher and tablets running a Windows Pro version of Windows).
  • Each client has a separate security group for their users and is only allowed to access their organization’s reference data (e.g. Care Practice List, Roles, and Specialties).
  • Each coach is given their own user name and password.
  • Coaches are trained to enter NO patient information into the app.
  • The results repository is hosted by DTA.
  • Reports are generated by DTA and returned to the coach for final editing before sending to the coached participant.
  • Reports are confidential between the coach and the participant.
  • Cohort analysis and trends are generated by DTA and sent to the client via email.

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