06 Feb

Greetings from Phoenix

  • Posted by Janiece Gray
  • AHA Rural Health Conference, Data Analytics, Patient Experience, Service Culture Training

This week Kevin Campbell and I had the opportunity to be in the unfortunately-not-so-sunny-or-warm Phoenix area for the AHA Rural Health Conference. I say that so that those of you Midwesterners don’t need to hate on us for “escaping the cold.”

We had some good conversations with many people from small rural and critical access hospitals around the country. I also had the opportunity to get on a podcast talking about some of our work in patient experience and data analytics in those communities!

This is why Kevin (and our team and everyone else in my life) doesn’t believe that I am an introvert and it’s also why my children are constantly mortified by my “talking to random strangers!” You see, I’m not sure that the team hosting the podcast intended to feature any fellow vendors at all but as our booth neighbors, I convinced them to let me warm up the mic for the day!

Check it out here!

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