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DTA has a metadata tool and metric repository (Business Intelligence Catalog) that allows organizations to track information about all of their reports, dashboards, metrics, and whatever else you can think of in a searchable repository to be used by technical staff and end-users alike. The metadata tool is highly customizable, and can be populated through a mix of automated and manual processes.

Flexible, Web-based BI Object Catalog

  • Application extension without the need for a web developer: admin users can add and configure any number of object types (like a report or dashboard)
  • Flexible categorization: Admin users can create custom hierarchies so, for instance, a report about surgical volumes could be organized in the “All Reports” tree and also roll up into the “Surgery” subject area

Searchable and User-updateable Metadata Repository

End users can search and add notes and even update object descriptions (if enabled).

Includes Automated Crystal Report Inventory and Documentation with SQL Parsing into Tables and Columns

It updates the list of reports from the enterprise server, gathers key information like the last time the report was run, the number of instances that exists, etc., and then parses each report to get the SQL and the individual tables and columns the SQL references (even from command objects!).

Having this sort of information readily available helps reduce the overall report burden (in our experience up to 30% of reports can be decommissioned due to the lack of use or redundancy) and makes upgrades easier since you can target only those reports that need to be updated due to changes caused by the upgrade!

Standard Metric Repository

Built-in to the Business Intelligence Catalog is SMaRt, our Standard Measure Repository. SMaRt allows you to define your metrics in one place (in BIC), and then your reports and dashboards can all pull from the same place to ensure what shows up in your various business intelligence tools is consistent. Even better, the business logic for each measure isn’t hidden deep in the underlying code of a report somewhere, it is available for everyone to see in the BIC tool. Say goodbye to metric chaos!

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