Patient Experience Consulting

At DTA Associates, patient experience is a passion, and helping organizations to enhance their performance in this area is a core skill of our team. DTA has proven success in helping clients attain these critical capabilities with our patient experience consulting services.

Develop a Roadmap for Success

Whether your organization has hit a wall in trying to improve patient experience scores or you’re just getting started, DTA can help you find your path to better performance. Starting with a comprehensive organizational assessment, we can customize a roadmap with recommendations tailored to your organization’s current status and future objectives.

Develop a Customized Service Culture Training

DTA offers customized patient experience consulting, not off-the-shelf solutions, for organizations to train their staff in key principles of service and patient experience. We help you create, customize and deliver service culture training sessions that reflect your culture and the needs of your staff. We can even “train-the-trainer” to build internal capacity and help your organizational team take over the training sessions for long-term consistency, effectiveness and sustainability.

Create a Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

One of the greatest ways to incorporate your patients’ voices into true improvement in their experiences is through a Patient & Family Advisory Council. DTA makes it easy for you to create a PFAC starting with facilitating dialogues to determine your organizational objectives. We can then help create charters and assist with patient recruitment as well as facilitator training.

Find a Patient Experience Vendor Partner

Evaluating the many vendor options available for administering the required CAHPS and other surveys can be a daunting, time-consuming task. DTA can help you through the entire process of vendor evaluation and selection in a compressed timeline – as short as six weeks from engagement to decision. From stakeholder interviews and organizational assessment to writing the RFP, from developing evaluation tools to facilitating onsite presentations, from checking references to making a decision, DTA can help extend your internal resources and maximize the projection of your patients’ voices. We can also assist with the implementation process if a transition decision is made. For those that want to take it to the next level, we have specific expertise working with organizations that employ an Enterprise Data Warehouse for more enhanced analysis of their patient experience survey data.

Provider and Care Team Shadow Coaching

To be fully prepared for value-based purchasing, it’s more important than ever to focus on patients’ perceptions of their care experience. Reimbursement is increasingly tied to standardized survey tools (HCAHPS, CGCAHPS, and ED PEC etc.), and the questions related to communication are the ones that patients most readily understand:

  • Listen carefully
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect
  • Explain things in a way you can understand

DTA Associates can help care team members enhance their communication skills with patients, building competence and instilling confidence through shadow coaching – without compromising clinical quality or productivity.

Meet Other Patient Experience Needs

In addition to the capabilities detailed above, DTA offers a wide array of patient experience consulting services to help you improve. We also provide symposiums for leaders, physicians and staff on key behaviors that can impact patient experience.

“Our collective hope is that we are distinguished in our communities by having a patient-centered experience for patients and families.  This requires that our culture honors individual preferences and values education, resulting in optimal clinical outcomes and allowing patients to restore their overall health and well-being.”


“My job was empowered from the onset because of the good work with DTA that began before I arrived. I inherited a culture that was prepared to continue to make strides for the Patient Experience. DTA worked with me to integrate concepts into operations and performance improvement as well as identify champions on both campuses. I was also fortunate to have an unbiased sounding board as I oriented at El Camino.”


“DTA has very knowledgeable staff that have walked in our shoes. They are not only aware of the key issues and initiatives around patient experience but they are very helpful in providing roadmaps and tools to enable us to be successful after their consulting is over.”


“The DTA team quickly became part of the staff. They create a very comfortable environment in which staff and patients feel safe and respected. Their follow-through and reporting is excellent and they keep the process moving. DTA Associates exceeded my expectations.


“I’ve really enjoyed becoming involved with DTA. Initially I was hesitant to be coached for fear of being criticized. However, the experience is very much the opposite. All of the feedback is positive, and only helps you to build on your strengths. I personally am passionate about the message DTA is giving because I feel they teach you basic communication skills you can use in your everyday conversations. The DTA staff are not only experts at what they do, but are kind, funny, personable people. I am very appreciative of the knowledge, guidance, and opportunities this experience has provided me!”


“As a member of the patient experience team, and a coach at regions hospital, I have had the honor of spending a lot of time with the DTA team. They are an inspiring bunch, and I am better for our time together.”


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